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Harry S. Bartholomew - Bristol, CT




Harry Shelton Bartholomew

Harry Shelton Bartholomew was born in Bristol, March 14, 1832. He married Sabra A. Peck, of Whigville, in 1800. He was a student of Simeon Hart's noted academy, in Farmington, went to California in 1854, but returned in 1855, and commenced the manufacture of bit braces, in company with his father in Polkville, in which business he continued to the end of his life, which took place February 19, 1902, in the South, where he was seeking to benefit his health by a change of climate.

George Wells Bartholomew

Descended from the first settlers of the town Mr. Bartholomew became, indeed, a representative man. His father was born in the old "Bartholomy" tavern, near the Burlington line, Peaceable street, March 25, 1776.

George Wells Bartholomew was born in Pleasant Valley, N. Y. on 19 June, 1805. After attending school winters and working on his father's farm summers, at eighteen, engaged in peddling, and, at twenty, went to Alabama and Mississippi in that business.

In 1828 he began the manufacture of clocks in Bristol in company with his cousin, Eli Bartholomew, which he subsequently continued alone and followed extensively for many years. Also manufactured cabinet furniture, table cutlery, etc.; but for the last twenty-eight years has been engaged, in company with his son Harry, in the manufacture of braces, curry combs, and other hardware.

In 1837 Mr. Bartholomew organized the Bristol Mine Company, consisting of Andrew Miller, Harvey Case, Erastus Case, Sylvester Woodward, and himself.  Miller was a practical miner from New Jersey, who soon acquired a controlling interest, selling a half interest in the mine to English capitalists for $28,000.

Business prospered until the death of Miller by drowning in the Tunxis river, which was the first of a series of misfortunes that attended the subsequent working of the mine, eventually wrecking it.  The original company failed in 1846, and the property passed into the hands of Richard F. Blydenburg, of New York.

He has been a member of the Congregational Church over sixty years.  In politics, he is a democrat.  He has been a justice of the peace some forty years, a “selectman" ten years, and judge of probate and representative, several terms.  Of sound judgment, even temper, and generous disposition, he is most highly respected and esteemed by all up to the time of his death, which took place May 7, 1897.


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