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Benjamin Bowers "B. B." Hill - Inventor and Toolmaker



Benjamin B. “B. B.” Hill – the name not easily recognized by casual users and collectors of the vintage drilling and boring devices. Indeed, he contributed to this field in a limited way albeit one that set a principle for the future development of similar tools.

From the mid-1850s forward there were multiple attempts to design a tool that, in tandem with a bit brace, would provide a convenient way to drill holes in tight spaces. One of the patent documents described the need and the solution:

“This instrument can be used in the same manner as the bit-stock in common use, and is also intended for boring holes that are at the junction of two planes or close to the corner of the walls of a room where there is not sufficient space to allow the common bit stock to be turned, as is often required to be done for bell-wires, gas fixtures, &c.”

“B. B.” Hill was the first to design, patent, and manufacture such a tool. It was designed to work with a bit brace and provide access to tight spaces to drill. It was called a "Diagonal Bit Holder".



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