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  Patent 19,028 - 01/05/1858: Bit Holder by Benjamin B. Hill and Samuel W. Adams, Chicopee, MA

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The Hill & Adams patent was the first design of this type of a tool in the United States. It was manufactured, presumably, by the patentees and sold across the country by major tool resellers.

The title of the patent doesn't reflect clearly the purpose of this new contraption. However, in the narrative, the authors used term "diagonal bit-holder" to describe the mechanics of the joint that makes it possible to transfer rotation between two shafts connected in an angle and this is how the device was named in later publications.

The initial paragraphs of the patent narrative state the objectives that guided the development of the device.

"This bit-holder is intended to be used for boring holes near to the walls of a room or in a corner, and in many places where holes cannot be made by the straight bit or auger when used in the common bit-stock. Letters Patents of the United States have been granted for diagonal bit-holders in which a universal joint or beveled gears are used, and our improvement does not relate to these parts of the instrument, but consists mainly in the mode of making the two bearings and connecting them with each other by means of the globular casing which encloses the beveled gears."

The text also refers to the patent No. 18,282 previously awarded to Benjamin B. Hill in which he addressed the use of “universal joint or beveled gears” in order to create diagonal bit-holder.

In essence

This is the photograph of the device. It was found on the WorthPoint website.


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