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  Patent 585,531 - 06/29/1897: Bit-Brace by Stephen McClellan, San Marcos, TX 1 of 3  

The rights to this patent were divided in three ways. Stephen McClellan kept one third of the rights. The other two thirds were assigned to Thomas H. Wheless of Austin, Texas, and Denis Nunan of New York, N.Y.

Manufactured by: Stephen McClellan.

Important note: These braces are not a product of Millers Falls Co. The confusion comes from the fact that Mr. McClellan used Millers Falls Co.’s chucks for these braces and many equate this fact with Millers Falls Co. as a maker of these braces.

Stephen McClellan produced these braces on his own, although at this point I can’t identify either his business name (he is mentioned on several occasions by his name only) or a factory or business arrangement where these braces were made.

Below are four photographs of the brace in four different configurations.

 Unfortunately, I am not the owner of this brace and I had to revert to the Google to find a few photographs. In one case I was able to identify the owner of the photograph – the Great Planes Trading Company. Mike Urness, the owner of the company and a friend – thank you for the photo with the green background. One photograph came from eBay and the ID of the seller is “helenrb”, and two photos are from WorthPoint archives. I am grateful to all for these photographs.

The patent document

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