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Charles H. Amidon - Inventor and Toolmaker

Amidon's Eclipse Ratchet Brace - Carpentry and Building, Vol. 9, March 1887, (New York: David Williams).


Amidon & White, Buffalo, N. Y., have recently put on the market the article named above, the construction and special features of which are illustrated in the accompanying cuts, Fig. 13 giving a general view of the brace, and Fig. 12 giving sectional views, showing the arrangement of the ratchet.

The chuck that holds the bit is connected with a ratchet wheel, to control which there are two dogs, as shown in the smaller sectional cuts, Fig. 12. These dogs are operated by a spiral spring terminated with a pressure-block which keeps them in the desired position, causing them either to press on the ratchet wheel, or holding one of them back from it.

 One of the sectional views shows them both pressing against the ratchet-wheel, thus making it immovable, and rendering the brace suitable for use where the ratchet feature is not desired. One or other of the dogs can be withdrawn from the ratchet-wheel, as shown in Fig. 12, when the brace is a right or left hand ratchet brace, according as it may be set.

When one of the dogs is thus drawn back, it will be observed that it is held back by the action of the spring above referred to. This adjustment of the dogs is obviously easily made by the thumb or finger of the operator.

The manufacturers call attention to the advantage there is in having the dogs stand back of the ratchet-wheel instead of at the side, as in other braces, making it, it is claimed, much stronger. They also allude to its simplicity, and the fact that it has no objectionable projections that can interfere with its use. This article is put on the market with special claims as to its desirability. It is made with 8, 10, 12 and 14-inch sweep.

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