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Hermann Boker & Co. - New York, N.Y.



The Bokers, a German family, was involved with tools and weapons making as far back as late 16th century. Their name, originally spelled Böker, became known throughout the world for superb cutlery products, originated in the Solingen district, Germany.

In 1829, brothers Heinrich and Robert Boker established their business in Remscheid and begun production of sabers. The enterprise expended rapidly and Boker brothers branched out into small tools and hardware.

In 1837, Hermann Boker, the third brother, emigrated to New York and founded the H. Boker & Co., one of the oldest names in the American cutlery industry.

Although Boker was mostly known as a hardware dealer and later as a large and famous cutlery manufacturer, we included this company in this section because their involvement in distribution and manufacturing of Ball Braces and Center Bits for these braces.

Originally made for Boker in Germany, these braces were cheap to produce, did not require sophisticated production tooling and were sold at a very affordable price. 

Today these braces are still easy to buy on a second-hand market. 

They are also often called a Gentlemen's Brace, a "Cheap" Iron Brace, or a "Six Penny" Brace in England.


Boker's Ball Brace

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Bit Braces


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