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The branch in which Philadelphia has attained peculiar distinction is the manufacture of Braces and Bits and Carpenters' Tools.

In nearly every report of articles exhibited at fairs within the last few years, one may find terms like the following, which is taken from the Franklin Institute Report for 1856:

"Braces and Bills, Saw Pads, Spoke Shaves, and other light tools, by Booth & Mills, Philadelphia. Excellent quality, good workmanship, and reasonable in price. A First Class Premium."

Booth & Mills are the successors of T. E. Wells & Co., who received the prize medal at the London World's Fair: and the workmanship which was awarded that high distinction over Sheffield and Birmingham, was executed, in part at least, by the members of the present firm.

Edwin T. Freedley, Philadelphia and its Manufactures in 1957,
(Philadelphia: Edward Young, 1959)


Winsted Tools


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