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Goodell-Pratt Company - Greenfield, MA

  Goodell-Pratt Company Complete Catalog No. 8, 1907    

Note to the Readers

The catalog offered here is a result of cooperative work of the following individuals:

Randy Roeder, the publisher of well-known Millers Falls Home Page website. Randy offered this catalog for scanning and free distribution through the website.

Mark Stansbury offered his masterful scanning capabilities to transform hard copy of this catalog to a digital format. Mark maintains several websites dedicated to American Made Files, Trowel and Masonry Tool, E. C. Atkins Saws, Hickory Tool Handles, and Foley Filer.

Wiktor Kuc, the publisher of this website.


This Catalog contains more than fifty NEW tools in addition to those shown in our last edition; the extent of this addition to our line can only be understood by a careful study of the 208 pages which go to make up this little volume.


Every article of our manufacture is warranted against imperfections of material, or defects in workmanship, and when so defective will be repaired or replaced without charge, but under no consideration will we assume the responsibility for breakage or for regular wear and tear, neither do we hold ourselves responsible where purchasers of our tools or machines take them to pieces and in reassembling fail to put the parts in proper place.


We can furnish repairs for any tool of our manufacture, providing our customers will make it plain to us what new parts are wanted, and where the owner of the tool is sufficiently mechanical to enable him to make the repairs himself after receiving the new parts, it is quite practical and profitable for him to do it; but it seldom pays to return by express or otherwise a tool of small value any great distance, as the transportation charges and cost of repairs are often more than the price of a new tool.

Greenfield, Massachusetts
January 1, 1907



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