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Goodell-Pratt Company - Greenfield, MA

  Goodell-Pratt Company Complete Catalog No. 15, 1923    

Note to the Readers

The catalog offered here is a result of cooperative work of the following individuals:

Randy Roeder, the publisher of well-known Millers Falls Home Page website. Randy offered this catalog for scanning and free distribution through the website.

Mark Stansbury offered his masterful scanning capabilities to transform hard copy of this catalog to a digital format. Mark maintains several websites dedicated to American Made Files, Trowel and Masonry Tool, E. C. Atkins Saws, Hickory Tool Handles, and Foley Filer.

Wiktor Kuc, the publisher of this website.


This new edition of our catalog shows every article that we manufacture and cancels all previous issues. Please destroy all old catalogs.


The list prices printed in this catalog are these that were effective on July 1, 1922. All of our list prices are subject to change without notice as our costs make it necessary. We are continuing the Simplified Price System that we put into effect several years ago, and while market conditions continue unstable we will issue changes in our list prices from time to time.


The code words in this catalog have all been changed from previous editions. We have adopted five letter code words that can be used in any telegram, or in connection with any cable code without confusion. The use of these code words wherever applicable will save you money when telegraphing or cabling.


We use the following cable code: A B C Fifth Edition; A B C Fifth Improved; Western Union; Bentley's; and Liebers.


In ordering, please be sure to give full and explicit direction for shipment, and they will be carefully followed. If no shipping instructions are given, we will use our own best judgment in forwarding shipments. All goods are sent at the risk of the purchaser after we have delivered the articles in good order to the forwarders. We cannot hild ourselves responsible for articles lost in transit.

Greenfield, Massachusetts
January 1, 1923



Goodell-Pratt Drills


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