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Mr. Punch was a marketing mascot used in the Goodell-Pratt Company's advertising beginning in 1915.


Every tool shown in this catalog is made directly from the raw material in one of our factories.  We are in every sense of the word manufacturers, not merely assemblers or selling agents.  The workmen we employ are experienced; our equipment is up to date in every respect; and our buildings are light and clean.

Design and Materials

These tools are designed to be as simple and efficient as possible.  They are made for men who know and appreciate good tools.  The mechanical principles are correct and the materials are selected that give the longest service.


Every part put through our factories is inspected at various stages of its manufacture and every completed tool is carefully tested out before being packed.  The tools is then wrapped and placed in its box.  Great care is used in packing shipments and each one is checked several times before being sent out.  All of our good are shipped in strong new cases and will arrive in good condition.


Goodell-Pratt tools have always been finished attractively.  This makes them easier to sell and less liable to become shopworn or rusty.  All enamel used is the best obtainable, and is baked on, whenever practical to do so, giving a smooth and handsome finish.  The "Goodell-Pratt Red" which is used in the finish of many of our tools is famous the world over.

Export Shipments

All our shipments are packed in strong new cases, well constructed of good lumber.  Wherever necessary cases are lined with waterproof paper, and tightly banded.  Particular attention is paid to the packing and marking of export shipments.

Pocket Catalogs

For many years we have distributed a pocket edition of our catalog among mechanics and other who are interested in good tools.  These catalogs have been studied with great interest, and it is impossible to estimate how many tools they have sold.  A supply of these catalogs will be furnished to any dealer who desires to distribute them among his customers.  We also have different kinds of attractive circulars and several striking signs and display cards that we will send to any dealer.


The free use of our electrotypes for advertising purposes is extended to all of our customers.  We have electrotypes of our tools in three sizes; the size used in our pocket catalog; and a small size use in a 2.5 inch column.  We cannot attempt to make up any other special size.


The rapid growth of this country and the ever increasing demand for Goodell-Pratt Tools are due entirely to their quality, of which it is surely proof enough.  There is good old-fashioned honesty in every one of these good tools.

Greenfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
January 1, 1923

Goodell-Pratt Catalog No. 15 - 01/01/1923



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