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  New Langdon Miter Box  - Carpentry and Building, Vol. 2, February 1880 (New York: David Williams).  

The Langdon miter box is a tool so well known to our readers that an extended description of it seems unnecessary.

Since its first introduction, some ten years ago, it has found its way into numerous shops throughout the land. Still it has not entirely superseded the old wooden box, made by the workmen who used it. To make one of these old style wooden boxes in such a manner as to cut accurately has always been considered one of the fine arts in the trade, and a severe test of a mechanic's skill and ability.

With the introduction of metal boxes, this time-honored device is becoming each year less known, and ere long will have entirely disappeared before the advance of its more successful rival. A mechanic's skill at present is tested in the use of improved tools, rather than in the construction of such devices as formerly ho was obliged to make in order to perform his work.

The metal miter boxes were not in the most perfected form at the date of their introduction to the trade. The Langdon box has undergone improvements from time to time, since its invention, all made with a view to meet the requirements developed by use.

The last improvement which has been made upon this article, and to which we call special attention at this time, is the fitting of a frame to run in the guide in place of the top of the back saw.

This device is clearly shown in the engraving. By its use any saw may be employed with the box, so that the workman may select the saw best suited to his work. He is no longer restricted to the use of the saw that specially belongs to the box, which, like all tools used in common by a number of mechanics, is seldom in first-rate order.

What is every body's business to keep up is very generally neglected by all, and the saw belonging to the miter box is no exception. By this improvement each mechanic may use his own favorite saw, be it either back, panel or framing saw, an arrangement of which the better class of workmen will gladly avail themselves.

The Langdon miter box is manufactured by the Langdon Miter Box Company, 74 Chambers street. New York City, and is few sale by the hardware trade generally.
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