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Millers Falls Company - Millers Falls and Greenfield, MA






"Cherry Rum Brook flows from the west end of White Ash swamp, and continues westward discharging into Mill Brook.  The thickets which lined its winding way were cover for the Indians who attacked the retreating forces of Captain Turner, after the Falls fight, and near its northern bank some of the captured soldiers were burned at the stake.  Nearly a century ago its waters turned the wheels of a sawmill, which was located just east of where the swamp road crosses the brook.

Dunn, Amidon and Holland built the stone dam just west of the Boston and Maine Railroad, and here began the existence of the prosperous business of the "Millers Falls Company."

History of Greenfield Shire Town
of Franklin County, Massachusetts
By Francis M. Thompson, 1904

Note:  The most extensive information about Millers Falls Company can be found on the website designed and authored by Randy Roeder at Millers Falls Home Page.  We suggest to visit this site - it is excellent.  The following is an introduction paragraph from Randy's website:

"This page serves as the directory for an encyclopedic study of the Millers Falls Company for the years in which it was located in Massachusetts. The site features a Historical Overview, biographies of figures associated with the firm, guides to some of the hand-powered tools and an illustrated list of publications distributed by the manufacturer.

A Massachusetts-based entity until 1982, the firm was incorporated as the Millers Falls Manufacturing Company in 1868, was renamed the Millers Falls Company in 1872 and became the Millers Falls Tools division of the Ingersoll-Rand Company in 1962. Operations were relocated to New Jersey in 1982 following a management buyout."


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