Millers Falls Company - Millers Falls and Greenfield, MA

  Hand-Tools for Iron and Wood Working - Carpentry and Building, Vol. 7, January 1885, (New York: David Williams)  

The new illustrated catalogue of the Millers Falls Company, of 74 Chambers Street, New York, is a pamphlet of some fifty-odd pages.

The manufactures of this company embrace a very large variety of articles, more particularly hand-tools for wood an iron working, besides vises, spirit levels and other accessories. The catalogue illustrates over 20 different styles of braces, drills and other boring tools, including drill braces, mounted breast drills, combination vise and drill, boring machine, double-crank breast drill, &c.

They make vises of all kinds, the cuts showing some nine different varieties of bench and hand vises. Besides the articles enumerated, the Millers Falls Company manufacture jack-screws of from 10 to 80 pounds weight, various kinds of scroll-saws for both hand and foot power, tool-handles and other hardware articles of a miscellaneous character.

The catalogue is very profusely illustrated, and gives tables of dimensions and prices in all cases.


Millers Falls Drills


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