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Millers Falls Company - Millers Falls and Greenfield, MA

  Trademark for Tools - American Artisan and Hardware Record, Vol. 72, April 22, 1916 (Chicago, IL: Daniel Stern, Publisher and Proprietor)  

Millers Falls Company, Millers Falls, Massachusetts, have secured copyright on the trademark shown in the accompanying illustration, under number 89,582.

The particular description of goods is braces and parts thereof; drills - hand, breast, chain, track, and bench - and parts there of; bits, bit-stocks, bit-holders, bit-gages, and parts thereof; boring machines, pocket-borers, auger-handles, and parts thereof; awls, handles - viz., hacksaws, power-hacksaws, fret-saws, butchers', jewelers', and coping saws, frames therefore, and parts thereof; tool handles and tools; spokeshaves, spoke-trimmers, chisel grinders, miter-boxes, and miter-planers; jackscrews, vises, screw-drivers, wrenches, soldering sets, chucks, lathes, carving-tool sets, glass-cutters, benchhooks, nail-pullers, and polishing-heads.

The Company claims use since April 1, 1915.

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