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Millers Falls Company - Millers Falls and Greenfield, MA

  Improvements to New Version of No. 2 Hand Drill - Hardware, Vol. 11, April 10, 1895 (New York: Hardware Publishing Co.)  


Millers Falls Co., No. 93 Reade Street, New York and Millers Falls, Mass, have made improvements on their No. 2 Hand Drill as here illustrated.

Among the improvements is the addition of an extra handle to be attached when it is .desired to use the drill in the manner of a. breast drill.

The handle is threaded on the end and is screwed into the frame on the side opposite the regular handle.

The pattern of the chuck has also been changed and is now arranged to carry three jaws instead of two as heretofore.

The advantage gained in holding and centering the points is emphasized by the company. Similar chucks are now used on their No. 1 and No. 5 hand drills.



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