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Millers Falls Company - Millers Falls and Greenfield, MA

  "Langdon" Acme Miter Box - Hardware Dealers' Magazine, July 1904.  

The Millers Falls Co., 28 Warren Street, New York, is offering the trade the “Langdon” Acme Miter Box, illustrated. The makers state that this Box embodies all important features in boxes heretofore made, and has a number of improvements.

The guides are made one inch longer, thus holding the saw more steadily when drawn up to its highest capacity. These guides are provided with elevator so that the saw is held stationary above the work when desired, as shown in the illustration.

In addition to the notches for the positive angles commonly in use, there is provided a graduated arc in front with the various degrees marked thereon, as shown by the plate in illustration.

The saw can be instantly secured at any intermediate or any positive angle by means of a small thumb lever in front of Box.

The supporting guides for holding work in place are also used where angles more acute than 45 degrees are desired. There is an appliance for quicker adjustment of extension lever.

A length gauge is provided for duplicate parts. The steel bottom boards are roughened to prevent the work from slipping. A metallic index plate with degrees marked thereon is attached to the machine.

All polished parts are nickel plated. Disston Saws are used.

The Boxes are made in three sizes. Size 1 is provided with a solid swinging lever, which cannot be extended, and carries the saw four inches wide under back.

Size 2 is provided with an extension lever by which the front post can be extended to give greater width, and carries the saw four inches wide under back. Size 2-1/2 is same as Size 2, save that it carries the saw five inches under the back.

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