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Millers Falls Company - Millers Falls and Greenfield, MA

  “Marsh” Miter Machine and Vise - Hardware Dealers' Magazine, 1904. 1 of 3  

H. C. Marsh, Rockford, Ill., is the manufacturer of the “Marsh Miter Machine and Picture Frame Vise”, illustrated. It is claimed to be the only machine with which the sides and ends of the frame can be measured and cut from one way as the other, thus admitting of the machine being placed in any position at either side of end of the bench where the best light can be obtained, and at the same time the most convenient room for full length of the moulding. The moulding can be sawed from the back, or outside, as well as from the front or inside.

It can be adjusted from horizontal position for sawing the sides and ends of the frames, to a perpendicular or any other position convenient for boring and nailing the same; thus enabling the operator to complete the frame right before him, while standing upright, and working in natural and easy manner.

The adjusting of the Machine from one position to the other requires but a second of time. It turns to the right or left to any desired angle while in a horizontal position, for sawing the different miters.

It also turns to the right or left while in a perpendicular position for boring and nailing either side to end, or end to side of frame. It is furnished with a rule and measure gauge from either side of Machine alike.

It takes up but little room. The bed plate is 3- 1/5 inches above the bench and the extreme measure is 15 x 15 inches. The Machine is made entirely of iron and steel, weighing 20 pounds. The vise screws are made of steel, light yet strong.

The Machine cuts any moulding less than 5 inches in width and will join any size frame larger than 7-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches. Each Machine has an extra pair of low clamp irons for florentine and shell mouldings, which can be placed in position in an instant.

The '"Marsh" Picture Frame Vise, illustrated, meets the demand for a frame clamp. It is immaterial what kind of a mitering machine one has, the frame can be held in proper position for nailing and with great ease. The Vise has the same swivel and tilting attachments, and the same base, as the "Marsh" Miter Machine.

A frame can be swung or tipped in any position a person desires, either in a horizontal or a perpendicular.

It takes in small and large frames alike, as small as 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches, and from this to the largest size. It takes in any kind of moulding 4 inches wide or under. It is light, well made and strong. The net weight is 12 pounds.

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