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  Millers Fall Co. catalog No. 35 - 1915


The great variety of tools of any kind that we make, especially bit braces and drills, is to meet the varied demand from all quarters of the world.  It will be seen that the varieties are so grouped as to make the variations apparent and simplify the selection of any desired styles.

Either trough our traveling representatives or correspondence, we will give conscientious advice as to assortments of different lines of our tools that will best fit the dealer's need.

The quality of Millers Falls tools has never been more carefully guarded than at this time.  Millers Falls reputation is built on guaranteed satisfaction and this is the first consideration with us.

Visitors to our office and store at 28 Warren Street, New York, or to our works at Millers Falls, will receive cordial welcome.  Greenfield, Mass, is the center for the district including Millers Falls, and inquiry there will put visitors in touch with members of our Company residing in Greenfield.

November 1, 1915
Millers Falls Company


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