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"Yankee" Ratchet Hand and Breast Drills

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Good Tools the Cheapest in the End

"This is an age of good tools!  Time and human energy are at a premium.  It is the business of a tool, these days, to save time and labor and get the job done in the best short easy way."

"But also it is an age of cheap imitations of good tools; as the tools user discovers for his discomfort! 

Good tools serve you... add satisfaction to your work and money to your purse.  Imitations trade on the reputation of good tools.  By deception, they rob you of your money, time, labor.  Poor tools soon take away a man's pride in workmanship.  Like the wolf in sheep's clothes the imitation tool is made to look like the good tool - externally.  You find out what is inside only after you parted with your money.

Often you can tell a poor tool from good tool by the price.  Your realize that the price is too low to give you reliable tool you want.  A cheap imitation is an extravagance.  Safe rule, always, in buying tools, is to make sure of the brand name."

North Bros., 1931



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