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These are all bitstocks for use in a brace, and have a square ended shank.

If anyone has other bitstocks that they can add to this list, or better pictures than I have here, please submit them for addition to the page.


Spur = protruding cutting edge that scores the outer dimension of the hole.
Lip = cutting edge that removes the waste at the bottom of the hole.


Forstner-pattern bits

Leftmost: Bridgeport Gun Implement Co (marked B.G.I. Co) has no centre point and only one cutting lip.  Middle bit has no centre point and two cutting lips.  Rightmost has a centre point and two cutting lips.

Die Stocks

This die stock takes standard (modern) 1 inch dies.


Left and middle: Rose head countersinks.  Right: "snail" countersink

Screwdriver Bits

Left: Roberston #1
Centre & Right: flat bits marked 8 and 10 respectively.


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