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Boring Tools and their Makers

  Three Tools in One  

I recently found a very interesting tool that is actually three tools in one.

It is a three-way tool configured in a "Y" shape with an auger bit on the end of each arm of the "Y".


Such a configuration is very ingenious because it can bore three sizes of holes.

One arm has a twist auger with a lead screw. This bit has floor lips but no spurs. It will bore a hole 1/2 inch in diameter. Another arm has a flat type of gimlet bit on it that bores a hole 3/8ths-inch in diameter while the third arm has a gimlet point that bores a hole slightly over 1/4-inch in diameter.

While boring with any one of the bits the other two arms of the "Y" serve as handles. This tool came from the rural area outside Dobrich, Bulgaria. I have seen lots of augers but never one like this one. It was made by a skilled blacksmith and not factory produced.

James E. Price
November, 2017

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