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Boring Tools and their Makers

  Combination Corner Brace - Wood Craft, July 1908  

The Lancaster Machine and Knife Works, Lancaster, N. Y., are placing on the market the combination corner brace here illustrated. It is a combination of a ratchet, straight and corner brace, of best material, workmanship and finish, highly polished and nickel-plated.

The tool is made only in the ten-inch size, has a ball-bearing head, and cocobolo head and handle. The head is shaped square on one side so that it will fit into a corner and force the bit to drive at a true right angle. The chuck is designed to take any size of square shank bit or the smaller sizes of round shank drills which it holds firmly.

As a corner brace it can be used in what are commonly considered impracticable positions. There is no lost motion. It has a positive drive and will work easily and fast, driving the bit true at any angle, and with great power.

It is particularly handy in nearly all positions that a ratchet brace is used in, and in place of the half or quarter sweep of the brace, by using this tool in connection with the extra handle, ten times the work can be accomplished. It is confidently expected by the makers that the tool will in a short time be used for nearly all work where a ratchet brace has formerly been used.

It is particularly adapted for electricians, cabinetmakers, builders, and for rapid screw-driving. By removing the screws at the handle and the upper part of the tool, it can be easily handled in positions where awkwardness has hitherto been the rule, and with an extension holder for the extra handle, can be employed in almost any out-of-the-way place the operator may desire to work with it.

The weight is about the same as the ordinary ratchet brace, just three pounds complete with the handle. The case between the chuck and the handle is of aluminum and is made sufficiently heavy to secure strength and rigidity. It is driven by two machine-cut gears enclosed in this case which is dust-proof and permanently closed. Used as a simple ratchet brace it is operated either right or left by a pawl and it can be locked securely when it is desired to use the tool as a straight brace.


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