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Boring Tools and their Makers

  Tools, Chucks and Fixtures by Albert A. Dowd, 1915    

The developments in the design of machine tools during the past ten or fifteen years have brought these machines to a high degree of perfection. Many are provided with features which make it possible to obtain results, both as regards quantity and quality of output, which were practically unheard of a decade ago.

It is obvious, however, that no matter how accurate and how well adapted to rapid production a machine may be, comparatively little is gained if the methods of holding the work and presenting the tools to it are not equally well thought out.

As a matter of fact, these points are neglected in a great many machine shops. In a few instances we find planning departments and efficient tool-designing departments where the methods and appliances to be used in manufacturing are carefully considered.

In the majority of shops, however, the workmen, or at best the foremen, are left to devise for themselves the methods by which the work is to be held and machined.

In order to aid these men, as well as the great number of tool designers regularly employed on work of this character, the articles on tools and holding devices for engine and turret lathes, and horizontal and vertical boring machines, which have been published in Machinery by Mr. Albert A. Dowd, have been collected and are now published in this volume.

New York, January, 1915

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